Integrationcourse 2018


Integration courses at inlingua Stuttgart,


offer a fun way of learning German or deepening German knowledge.

Our insightful and experienced trainers (native speakers only) are happy to help with any difficulties you may have.
Learning is helped enormously by the fact that groups are limited to an average of 16 learners. This allows us to guarantee that each learner is given the support that he/she needs.


Course scope

The integration course involves a maximum of 1000 lessons of 45 minutes (L) for each learner and as a course is made up of the following components:

– language course, 600 L
– orientation course, 100 L

– if the B1 test is failed a maximum of 300 L can be retaken.

The language course is made up of the basic language course of 300 L and the consolidation language course also with 300 L.
Learners with no prior knowledge of German generally take the whole course starting with the first course module and make use of their quota of 600 L. Individual course sections can be repeated at a learner’s own expense.

The orientation course is made up of 100 lessons and is taken by all learners. Learners with good prior knowledge of German can take part in this course without taking the language course.



Foreign citizens, who according to § 44 of the residence law or late resettlers and their families, who according to § 4, § 7 or § 9 of the Federal Expellee Law have a right to German courses.

It has been mandatory for immigrants to take part in this since 01/01/2005.
Foreign citizens already living in Germany such as EU citizens, spouses, cohabiters or family members can also take part and apply for funding.


Course completion

Deutschtest für Zuwanderer (German B1 certificate)


Cost of the integration course

The course fee amounts to EUR 1.95 per lesson. At registration, 100 lessons have to be paid in advance (EUR 195.00). Learners who draw benefits in accordance with the second code of social law (SGB II) or according to the twelfth code of social law (SGB XII), are exempt from payment. Late resettlers and their family members do not need to pay for the course.


Should you have any questions regarding the integration courses or require assistance in filling out the form, Ms Kettner will be pleased to be of assistance.

She can be called
on 0711 23 60 394
or you can send her an e-mail: