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Company courses

Anyone wanting to have their say in business today has to be able to make themselves understood – globally.
Well-established, specialist foreign language knowledge is therefore becoming ever more important on the international market. We’re sure you would love to have employees in your company with a couple of foreign languages up their sleeves, who can communicate confidently in every day business life – abroad and at trade fairs.
We are here to support you and offer specialist language training in private company groups.

Our inlingua service package for your company:

  • You tell us what you need and we’ll develop a needs-based training concept.
  • Professional personal care through our course advisors from the very start.
  • Flexible modification of the course shape and lesson times according to your individual requirements.
  • Continuous checks of the learning goals and personal feedback.
  • Transfer protection through simulation and learning by doing.

Our expertise in language tuition and teaching are confirmed each year with more than 100,000 learners taking part in inlingua training courses across the world.
It is no wonder then that most of the 500 largest global corporations as well as international banks and governments in numerous countries regularly call on our services.
Why don’t you join them?