The inlingua way

The inlingua way: direct – active – anytime

inlingua offers language training that systematically leads to the target language in each individual step. From the very first lesson, your trainer will only speak to you in his or her native language.

Languages are learnt best through speaking

In your inlingua training, you will be given the opportunity to engage in typical situations, use specific discussion prompts, practice suitable responses and consolidate language skills through dialogues. This way you will know exactly what to say in any given situation.

  • Grammar is not just drilled but practised. Vocabulary is not just translated but memorised. And you can immediately put your skills to use.
  • A large variety of training phases with varied input help you learn through: discussions, role-plays, dialogue sequences, gestures, mimics and targeted media input from sources ranging from CD-ROM to video.
  • Native and qualified trainers are there to help you learn.
  • Regular exercises and tests show you what level you are at and what areas you could improve in. The inlingua final tests comply with internationally recognised certificates.